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Single - 92 x 188 x (18-24cm)
Single - 92 x 188 x (24-33cm)
King Single - 107 x 204 x (18-24cm)
King Single - 107 x 204 x (24-33cm)
Double - 137 x 188 x (18-24cm)
Double - 137 x 188 x (24-33cm)
Queen - 152 x 203 x (18-24cm)
Queen - 152 x 203 x (24-33cm)
King - 182 x 203 x (18-24cm)
King - 182 x 203 x (24-33cm)

Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress Protector is available in Single, King Single, Double, Queen & King as well as Pillow Protectors. They are also available in two depths - 18-24cm & 24-33cm. See full list of sizes above.

Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress Protector is a total mattress encasement with BugLock zip locking system that bed bugs cannot penetrate. As our customers have experienced, you will never get bitten again from a bed bug living inside your mattress or base once it is encased. Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress Protector keeps the whole mattress protected. Because no part of the mattress is left exposed, there is no need to worry that bed bugs and their eggs are living inside your mattress.

It is 100% effective. You can rest assured that our Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress Protector will never allow a single bed bug to crawl through and turn your mattress into a breeding ground.

Trapped bed bugs will be killed by trapping them inside the mattress protector. Friendly and safe for children and pets, you do not have to worry about allergies or toxic chemical reactions.

It can be used on all types of mattresses (including latex and spring) and on all bed sizes (single to king size). You can be sure that we have a Bed Bug Mattress Protector to suit your type and size of bed.

It is easy to fit. You or your staff can effortlessly fit our Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress & Base Protectors without any assistance, and you can proudly take control of helping to eliminating bed bugs in your home or business.

It is comfortable to sleep on. You or your guests won’t even know that there is a special bed bug cover, and they can sleep in the bed the very same night without being exposed to chemical treatments.

Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium.

Bed Bug infestations are a serious problem that can cause a variety of health concerns. Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress Protector provides an effective barrier to bed bug infestation.

Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress & Base Protectors protect your mattress and bed base investment and most importantly ones health. Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress & Base Protectors have been independently lab tested and scientifically proven to be completely bed bug proof, using a patented BugLock® enclosure system that incorporates a sealed safety trench that is stitched around the typically vulnerable zipper clasp as well as, micro-zipper teeth for an extra tight closure.

Pest Defence Bed Bug Mattress & Base Protector is a valuable tool in the fight against bed bug infestations. It will save you both time and money, by drastically reducing the amount of effort associated with addressing infested mattresses, bases and bedding.


  • Protects new bedding and salvages infested bedding
  • Suitable for both mattress and bed base encasements
  • Increases the time between re-infestations
  • Aids in early detection of bed bugs
  • Decreases the scope of re-infestation (i.e the areas available for Bed Bugs to harbour)
  • Less time spent onsite treating bedding means lower labours costs
  • Entry proof and escape proof

Depth = 18-24cm or 24-33cm

Available in King, Queen, Double, King Single & Single Sizes. Select your size with the drop down list above.

Material: 100% Polyester



  1. Remove all bedding from mattress including blankets, sheets, existing mattress protectors, etc. Wash bedding on a hot wash cycle and dry in dryer. Be careful when handling bedding not to spread bed bugs into others rooms
  2. Begin enclosing mattress in the bed bug protector from the head end of the mattress so you end up with the zip at the foot end.
  3. Continue enclosing mattress protector gradually along the length of the mattress.
  4. Ensure bed bug protector is fitted to mattress with only zip area exposed at the foot end.
  5. Start closing the zip. To avoid malfunction or breakage, make sure you zip slowly and carefully pulling the two sides together.
  6. Zip all the way around the mattress until fully closed.
  7. Make sure the zip is fastened using the Buglock secure seal. This will ensure the zip does not slide open allowing potential bed bug exit and entry.

How to install Bed Bug Mattress Protector


What is a bed bug mattress protector and how does it differ from a standard mattress protector?

Not just a mattress topper, these bed bug mattress protectors are full encasements that completely enclose the entire mattress and zip closed. The majority of mattress protectors only cover and protect the sleeping surface of a mattress. As a result the bottom of the mattress is completely exposed and allows bed bugs to wander in and out with ease. The mattress needs to be fully encased to trap any bed bugs infesting the mattress inside and prevent them from escaping and biting the sleeper. These mattress protectors also prevent any future infestation of the mattress by removing potential harbourages.

Why do I need a Bed Bug mattress protector?

The mattress is one of the biggest ‘hotspots’ for bed bug harbourages in a bedroom. This is because it is the closest object to the host i.e the person sleeping on the mattress. Bed Bugs like to hide on mattresses in areas such as seams, piping, under labels, handles, buttons, etc. See image below showing Bed Bugs harbouring in the seams of a mattress. They are less likely to be found in open flat areas. By encasing the mattress you remove a number of different bed bug harbourages and avoid the need to use chemicals on the sleeping surface with one simple, easy to install product.

Bed Bug Spotting on Mattress

What if I just throw out my old mattress and buy a new one?

Yes, you can certainly throw out your existing bed bug infested mattress and replace it with a new one. However this is very costly and much more expensive than the cost of a mattress protector. Plus it is highly recommended that a mattress protector be installed to protect the new mattress anyway as bed bugs generally infest other areas around the bed such as headboard, bed base, flooring, bedside furniture, wall hangings, etc and will eventually infest the new mattress if they are not eradicated completely.

Are these bed bug mattress protectors waterproof?

No these are not waterproof. They are bed bug and dust mite proof.

Should I treat the mattress with an insecticide before putting the mattress protector on?

No it is not necessary to treat the mattress with an insecticide first. One of the biggest benefits of installing a bed bug mattress protector is to avoid the potentially unsafe use of chemicals on the sleeping surface. Any bed bugs infesting the mattress will be trapped inside and die off on their own accord over time as they cannot feed. You can then focus your insecticide treatment on other areas such as bed base / frame, flooring, bedside furniture, wall hangings, etc.

Do I need a Bed Bug Base Protector as well?

Yes, if you have an ensemble base then you should also purchase a base protector along with the mattress protector. The mattress and the base are the two most common areas where bed bugs hide. Having these two items encased will go a long way to solving your bed bug problem. However, if you have a slatted bed base you will not be able to encase this with a base protector. This type of base will require an insecticidal or other alternative treatment.


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