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Implementation Standard:  Q/0100SQH 042-2020
Product Model:  SNN200642
Size:  17.5cmx9.5cm
Shelf life:  3 years


To block pollen and filter bacteria and some non-oilyparticles.


This biomass graphene disposable face mask comprises of blue spun-bonded non-woven fabric, high efficiency filtration madium fabric, SQ Biomass graphene, and A composite non-woven skin-friendly layer. An environment-friendly plastic strip is installed at the nose bridge.


This Disposable face mask with biomass graphene is suitable for a variety of industries and environments such as electronic manufacturing, catering service, light processing, food processing, beauty treatment, pharmacy, schools, factories, dust-free workshops, environmental cleaning, public places, etc.


This product cannot be washed with water. It is not suitable for particles of raphioid fibers (such as slag wool, asbestos, glass fiber, etc.), so as not to cause facial irritation when the sealed face mask is adhered with tiny fibers.


  1. Clean your hands before wearing the face mask.
  2. Spread the face mask with the gray surface as the inner layer, tighten the ear loops with both hands, and put the  ear loops behind the ears.
  3. Place your fingers on the middle of the metal nose strip and press it towards your face tightly from the middle to both sides according to the shape of the nose bridge. Make the face mask completely covers your nose, mouth and chin, and do not touch the inner layer of the face mask.
  4. Replace the disposable face mask generally every 4-6 hours, and do not reuse it.


  • This disposable face mask should be used within the use by period.
  • Those who have non-woven fabric allergy should not use this product.
  • ensure mask is installed the correct way round to ensure effectiveness.
  • This product is single use. After use, please dispose of in accordance with the requirements of the local guidelines.
  • Pay attention to the production date.
  • Please carefully read the safety instructions and usage restrictions of this face mask before use.


This disposable face mask should be stored in a well-ventilated room with a relative humidity of no more than 80% and free of corrosive gases and high temperature.

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