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Our Ninjas meet the highest quality standards and modern requirements. We not only offer ecological alternatives, we also ensure that our products are the best in their segment. We have achieved this by developing products...


OUT OF STOCK) Mouse-size PROTECTA RTU Mouse Bait Station, a staple of the industry since 1991, holds 28g, 20g and 15g BLOX baits . Triangular-shaped with angled entry holes, PROTECTA RTU Mouse Bait Station fits flush...


A discreet lemon shaped plastic trap which will put a stop to irritating fruit flies that can fill your kitchen. The insects enter the trap and are safely captured in the liquid attractant. Simple and...


Very high quality, robust, simple to use, low-cost Ant Gel Applicator, can be used for all syringe-style cockroach bait currently available. Universal Ant Gel Applicator gun for use with Ant Gel tubes to allow precise...


The Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent is designed to drive away outdoor pests humanely and without any potentially harmful poisons or chemicals. Repels most types of outdoor pests, including possums, bats, birds, cats, deer, dogs, fox, rabbits...


40m2 Coverage Electronic Snake Repeller will help protect your home and loved ones from potentially deadly snakes. Snake Away will stand guard and help protect your home day and night. From Spring to Autumn numerous...


The complete 'Do It Yourself' BASIC Bed Bug Control Kit. Contains:1 x Protect-Us Insecticidal Dust 500g4 x Bed Bug Monitors1 x Bedlam Aerosol SprayPROTECT-US INSECTICIDAL DUSTA ready to use dust for the control of cockroaches,...


Contains:4 x Pest Defence Rat Bait Stations 4 x Pest Defence Mouse Bait Stations1 x Contrac Soft Bait (1.8kg)4 x Rat Snap Traps4 x Mouse Snap Traps1 x 5L Capital Sprayer1 x Delta Pro (1...

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