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MAKITA DVC750LX1 18V BRUSHLESS WET/DRY VACUUM, PORTABLE, DUST EXTRACTION Designed to suit the needs of trades who require portable dust extraction for wet & dry applications. Makita has developed a lightweight dust extractor for use...


KARCHER SE 5.100 CARPET CLEANING MACHINE Spray extraction cleaner for fibre-deep and thorough cleaning of carpets and hard floors. Can also be used as a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The SE 5.100 carpet cleaning machine is...


The Floor Cleaner FC 5 with microfibre rollers and a two-in-one function for mopping and suctioning wet and dry dirt in just one step. The Floor Cleaner FC 5's two-in-one function lets you mop and...


All cleaning chemicals will incur additional delivery cost. Additional freight cost may apply for Dangerous Goods, Bulky items and delivery to remote parts of Australia.  DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS INSTANT HAND SANITISER – is an alcohol...


CRL 1973 AMMONIATED AEROSOL GLASS CLEANER Spray and Wipe Clear - Professional Strength. CRL 1973 Glass Cleaner, a long time favorite of CRL customers, is a low ammoniated glass cleaner that is packaged in the...


*** SUMMER SPECIAL ***   Hydrolink Retain works within the soil profile to retain moisture at the soil / root interface where the plant needs it most. Hydrolink Retain contains 100% of a unique alkoxylated polyether reverse...


Nilfisk Outer Lid 5L Light grey Part No: 147 1077 500 Suits The Following Makes and Models: CVAC GD5 Battery 9060650080 - CVAC GD5 Battery GD5 Battery 41600941 - GD5 BATTERY EU(2 BATTERIES) 41600875 - GD5...


Our Ninjas meet the highest quality standards and modern requirements. We not only offer ecological alternatives, we also ensure that our products are the best in their segment. We have achieved this by developing products...


A discreet lemon shaped plastic trap which will put a stop to irritating fruit flies that can fill your kitchen. The insects enter the trap and are safely captured in the liquid attractant. Simple and...


VACUUM CLEANER BAGSPart Number: CB-BUTLER Material: Extended Long Life cloth BagsQuantity: 1 Per Pack Suits The Following Brands & Models CLEANSTARBUTLER (VBUT) – CLOTH REUSABLE BAG ELECTROLUXZ950 Z951


PULLMAN PV14/BE BACKPACK COMMERCIAL VACUUM The Pullman PV14 is an Australian-made backpack vacuum designed for commercial applications. Fitted with a bypass motor, the PV14 is ideal for operating in environments where spillage can occur. With...


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   Pulse is a non-ionic wetter, spreader and penetrant for use as a spray additive for improved penetration of several agricultural pesticides. Code:  0MPULS5  


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   A surfactant  designed to overcome water repellence in soils, and allow faster penetration of water and soil applied chemicals to where they are most needed. Also assists...


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   Indicate 5 is a premium multi-purpose adjuvant designed to adjust pH in water to obtain maximum efficiency of chemicals during application. Indicate 5 will acidify all alkaline waters as...


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   GreenPIG Ultra is a premium pigment additive specifically formulated for golf courses and turf facilities to enhance and extend aesthetic turf appearances.  GreenPIG Ultra is an excellent additive...


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   A fast, economical way to instantly restore the natural green colour to dormant or discoloured turf. Easily applied with many types of sprayers, Green Lawnger adds a healthy, natural...


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   Exifoam is a proprietary silicone antifoam emulsion, designed for prevention or supression of foam formation in aqueous solutions. Code:  0MEXIF1      


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658. Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Detergents – General purpose cleaning powder for spray equipment. Code:  CTANK-1    


Ask for Price. Call 1300 934 658.   A blue turf grass spray pattern indicator that allows the accurate and economical application of chemicals. It is a non-staining and biodegradable substance. Codes:   1CBIGF-5; 1CBIGF20; 1CBIGF200...

DUB182Z + BL1850B + Single port rapid charger

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